THE SOUTHERN START-UP COMPETITION 2017 AWARDS AND THE FORUM “BUSINESS INTERNSHIP” – On October 29, 2017, the Southern Startup Advisory and Support Council, in partnership with Enterprise Newspaper, hosted the Southern Startup Competition 2017 awards event for students from various universities at the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The competition’s first prize goes to the project “Moringa juice”; Nguyen Van Hau’s student group; Lac Hong University. Project “Moringa juice” Tran Chung Tuan Hung’s student

WHAT MINDSET IS DESTROYING VIETNAM’S ECOSYSTEM? – According to Prof. Phan Van Truong, one of the factors destroying Vietnam’s ecology is the ideology of obtaining wealth at any cost. 7 Prerequisites for a Successful Startup Share your ideas with over 500 new entrepreneurs at a Startup and Management Club event in Ho Chi Minh City. Prof. Phan Van Truong highlighted some characteristics of the Vietnamese startup community in Ho Chi

MS. VERA HA ANH | A PRACTICAL TRAINING IN TEACHING AND COUNSELING PSYCHOLOGY. – The Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics, in collaboration with Vera Training and Consulting Company, organized the course “Practical Teaching and Psychological Counseling” in Hanoi. The course “Teaching Practice and Psychological Counseling” is offered by the Central Vietnam Record Association, with assistance from the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics The purpose of this course is to educate participants


In Hanoi Capital, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha (Vera Ha Anh) was officially appointed as the chairman of the practical course “Research,  practice coaching, and psychological counseling Love – Marriage – Family” (abbreviated as the Department of Psychology of Love – Marriage – Family) under the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics, which is under directed by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Record

OPENING CEREMONY FOR MENTORING FOR STARTUP COURSE – The opening ceremony of the Mentoring For Startup course took place extremely successfully at 2 PM on December 13, 2017, at Thuy Loi 4 office, with the attendance of students from the winning project groups, and a scholarship of VND 40,000,000 from SMENTOR On the afternoon of December 13, 2017, Smentor Company delightedly held the opening ceremony of the first training course, titled

MARKET RESEARCH BY SMENTOR INSTITUTE AND RICHS INSTITUTE IN BAO LOC, LAM DONG. – On June 29, 2019, SMENTOR Institute, RICHS Institute Vietnam, and experts from India and Taiwan conducted market research in Bao Loc, Lam Dong. Tam Chau Group and the RICHS Institute Vietnam cooperated on this research expedition. The market of Bao Loc, Lam Dong is a promising land for investors to consider. SMENTOR Institute’s upcoming project on Resort and Wellness will be investigated in

SMENTOR INSTITUTE HAS DISCUSSED COOPERATIVE PLANNING IMPLEMENTATION, SOLVING PROBLEMS OF LOGISTIC INDUSTRY. – On July 8, 2019, Smentor Institute had a meeting with Ms. Vo Thi Phuong Lan (Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of Amerasian Shipping Logistic Corp – ASL) to discuss a plan of cooperation in implementing and solving solutions to human resource issues in the logistics industry. The problem raised in the discussion is that the Logistics industry in general and ASL

DR. PHAN HUYNH ANH – THE FIRST CREATOR OF THE ‘BUSINESS INTERNSHIP’ PROGRAM. – Since 2013, Dr. Phan Huynh Anh (Director of the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics) has overseen the Business Internship program. The Council connects students to businesses to develop practical skills through the program. Students will be able to work at the business for 2 to 6 months during their university and college years. On January 28, at SMENTOR Co., Ltd.,

THE SMENTOR INSTITUTE HAS SUBMITTED A REPORT TO THE CENTRAL VIETNAM RECORD ASSOCIATION ON THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH TOPIC “NEW CONSTRUCTION PARK AND GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP.” – The declaration presented at our Party’s 12th National Congress highlights the objective of creating and strengthening cultural industries, encouraging culture to penetrate all aspects of the society. SMENTOR Institute has extensively investigated and created the scientific research topic “New Construction Park and Global Entrepreneurship” in response to the abovementioned trend. The SMENTOR Institute intends to preserve and protect, reconstruct, and connect valuable subterranean

WELLNESS TOURISM – ENHANCED HEALTH AND MENTALITY – Health is human’s most valuable asset – It is the key for Smentor Institute and RICHS Institute for Tourism Research. It is not simply a trip, but through here, participants will have many new experiences. The first product of this type of tourism is TAIWAN WELLNESS TOUR. Why did we choose Taiwan (in Vietnamese called Đài Loan) to build this health tour? First,


The Southern Startup Support Advisory Council collaborated with the Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics to hold an exchange on the theme “BUSINESS INTERNSHIP” on November 19, 2017. The session was attended by representatives from the firms Saigon Food, SMentor, SFurniture, Di said, Toan Phu Quy Company, Green vina; Southern Entrepreneurship Council, College of Economics, and around 500 students from the school. Theoretical and

GROUNDBREAKING FLC UNIVERSITY URBAN AREA – On August 25, 2019, Smentor Institute was very honored to be invited to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of FLC University at FLC Quang Ninh University Urban Area, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. Attending the ceremony were Mr. Phung Xuan Nha (Member of the Party Central Committee, Ministry of Education and Training); Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh (Member of the Party Central Committee, Chairman