Smentor Start-up Club was established with the goal of creating a start-up environment to help students understand how to work in businessguide them to build and develop business projects, and practice business, share experiences of successful entrepreneurs, and link and connect investors with highly feasible projects.

The club helps young people to equip themselves with a solid foundation of start-up experience, this is a favorable opportunity to help you learn startup mistakes and misconceptions about starting a business, help to prevent risks.

Start-up Club’s activities are based on 3 main mottos: sharing, training and connecting. In particular, it is aimed at 3 audiences: young people – fresh graduates, and small businesses. The club is a place to share experiences and knowledge in different professional fields; at the same time, training in professional and administrative skills; connecting businesses to form business networks.

Start-up Smentor Club is about practice, application, starting with a small project, and practical action. Get mentorship, advice, comments and support. Mentors are experts, people who have experienced and helped Start-ups avoid risks on the start-up journey.

The club also supports knowledge, procedures, and infrastructure to help individuals start a business quickly and easily.

The club will organize talks, share experiences, manage and run businesses. In addition, the club will organize training seminars on knowledge of management, marketing and business operations.

At the club, young people have the opportunity to gain basic knowledge and learn from successful entrepreneurs.

  •  Understand why start a business.
  • Exchange of legal procedures when starting a business.
  • Understand the mistakes of failure and avoid the rosy dream of starting a business from the experts.
  •  Brand Positioning.
  •  Customer care – the survival problem of the whole business.
  • Analyze lessons learned from successful startup projects.
  •  Capture the successful startup mindset from the lessons and experiences of the experts.