The Vietnam Institute for Research and Application of Polytechnics has always focused on social activities to spread positive and valuable things to society.

The Institute always conducts cooperation programs with local and international units, individuals and organizations specializing in areas such as language development, children’s rights support and individuals with limited access to professions and education. Climate change phenomena, citizen creation, young leaders, etc

Social activities from the Olympics

  • Looking for messengers to spread English to remote areas, supporting children who cannot learn English.
  • Teaching English online for children of workers in export processing zones and factories.
  • Support the elderly to learn English.
  • Combined with the city, implementing English for friends of the international community studying in Ho Chi Minh City, students from Laos and Cambodia in the dormitory areas of Laos and Cambodia.
  • Olympics emissaries help teach English to children in shelters, orphanages, temples, etc. from the Olympics talent search program.

Sharing activities, career guidance, future orientation at high schools, colleges, universities and vocational schools.

This is the main activity of the Institute, helping them to have career orientation and make the right choice according to their passion from the very beginning. Collaborate with schools to organize seminars, careers, experts sharing, Q&A, etc

Organize regular English classes to support the community.

These are the academic programs that the Institute aims at: TOEIC, IELTS, GMAT, etc. to help students learn by themselves, approach the exam questions and prepare well before the exam.

Saigon English Club

  • Build an English practice environment, so that students can use English and practice English skills naturally and excitedly.
  • Create a place to exchange, learn and share English learning experiences for people who love English and want to practice skills in using English as a communication tool.
  • Build a place to consult English learning and training methods for students and a place where students exchange English-related content.
  • Creating a healthy, vibrant, and useful playground, attracting a large number of students to participate, contributing to enriching the collective life of students.
  • Promote the movement of learning English for club members and students.

Tackling climate change

  • Helping students to realize the seriousness of climate change today, thereby taking actions and solutions while at school.
  • Organizing contests on climate change, projects, solutions, improving the ability to respond to climate change.
  • Increase students’ knowledge and impact on behavior change, and create the campaign “For the environment – the survival of the world”.
  • Providing knowledge, materials, environmental experts, and seminars to help students have initiatives on responding to climate change by themselves.