smentor.ac.vn – Since 2013, Dr. Phan Huynh Anh (Director of the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics) has overseen the Business Internship program. The Council connects students to businesses to develop practical skills through the program. Students will be able to work at the business for 2 to 6 months during their university and college years.

On January 28, at SMENTOR Co., Ltd., Vietnam Records Organization (Vietkings) awarded Mr. Phan Huynh Anh (General Director of SMENTOR, Director of the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics) the certificate of record-setting and certification as the “first creator of the “Business Internship” program.

“Business Internship” is a practical training program at businesses that gives students the chance to approach the real environment of enterprises. The Business Internship program connects students between students and schools that come to businesses. Students are educated in skills ranging from basic to advanced to ensure that when they graduate, they have the necessary abilities to work and satisfy the recruitment demands of businesses.

Up until the time of record confirmation, 1,500 students had participated in the Business Internship across a six-year period (2013-2019), with the program now continuing to rollout and duplicate.

The number of academics and entrepreneurs engaging in teaching is 30; the number of participating universities is 15 universities and colleges, and the number of participating businesses is 50.

Since 2013, Dr. Phan Huynh Anh’s curriculum has assisted numerous graduates in finding employment. And is presently associated with the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics.

Business Internship Center – Under the SMENTOR Institute.