smentor.ac.vn – Health is human’s most valuable asset – It is the key for Smentor Institute and RICHS Institute for Tourism Research. It is not simply a trip, but through here, participants will have many new experiences. The first product of this type of tourism is TAIWAN WELLNESS TOUR.

Why did we choose Taiwan (in Vietnamese called Đài Loan) to build this health tour?

  1. First, we will talk about interesting places in Taiwan:

– In recent years, Taiwan is one of the destinations that travel enthusiasts are interested in. The idyllic and poetic scenery along with diverse culture and cuisine are the highlights that attract visitors to this place:

  • Quan Cong Temple: For Taiwanese, whenever there is fear or unlucky things in life, they will go to Quan Cong Temple to pray for peace and luck. Especially money.

  • Thien Hau Temple: Also known as To Mau Temple built-in 1951, is a very sacred place for Taiwanese people, they believe that when you wish for something, you come here and sincerely pray. wish will soon come true.

  • Da Lieu Geopark: Home to dozens of stones shaped like Ginger and Mushrooms, the famous rock with the shape of an Ice Cream Cup and Candle also attracts a lot of attention from those who have had the opportunity to come here.

  1. It is impossible not to mention Taiwanese cuisine and dishes:

– The Taiwanese have a high sense of health, so the seasoning they use is very little. You may be a bit shocked with the less seasoned dishes here. But it’s not really difficult to eat, it’s just that we are used to seasoning a lot in Vietnam.

– In addition, Taiwan has the highest percentage of vegetarians in the world. With a system of more than 6,000 shops scattered throughout, residents and visitors can go vegan anytime, anywhere.

– Everything is diverse from ingredients to processing and flavors, from vegan, vegan to salty, to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

There are many other factors about nature and harmonious life, green and advanced agriculture, lovely people, etc. Therefore, the SMENTOR Institute and the Richs Institute chose Taiwan as the first destination to study Wellness tourism.

If Healthy is physical health, Spiritual is mental health, Wellness is a harmonious combination of both concepts.

Wellness tourism is defined as a type of tourism with the aim of enhancing health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. This type focuses on visitors’ experiences to humane, sacred attractions or fresh resorts – places that can make a positive and comprehensive change in the lifestyle of people. tourists, directing them to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. The first product for this type of tourism developed by the Smentor Institute and the Richs Institute is the TAIWAN WELLNESS TOUR.

Recently, TAIWAN WELLNESS TOUR experienced the first journey in Taiwan with 4 days and 4 nights. Taiwan Wellness Tour is designed with the desire to help you and your family have moments of relaxation, temporarily forget the hustle and bustle of life to visit, rest, and learn more knowledge about health as well as deposit to understand yourself better.

Wishing to enhance the value of each person’s health and equip themselves with more health knowledge so that they can take care of themselves and their family members through RICHS WELLNESS will research more health tourism products in many different countries not only in Taiwan.

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