With the desire to create an environment for entrepreneurs and leaders to exchange and share information and personal experiences, the Smentor Institute initiated the founding of a club. And with the consent of the President of Smentor, Smentor Business Club was officially born.

The Entrepreneur Club operates under the Smentor Institute network and is guided by the Club’s Standing Board of Representatives (including the President, Vice President and General Secretary). In addition, the club also has a Club Representative Board responsible for organizing club-oriented activities, giving comments and developing plans.

Vision and mission

  •  Become a model club, active in the exchange and sharing of information, personal experiences and business connections across the country.
  •  Create a favourable business environment for members.
  • Supporting businesses to connect with each other nationally and internationally.
  • Organize and create conditions for entrepreneurs to participate well in social activities.

Functional activities and cultural activities of the club

  • Business connection: The club works to connect businesses based on the criterion “For the community – Let’s develop together – Sharing love”, to support the development of member businesses. to grow stronger.
  •  Volunteer activities: Share the community and society through the program “Responsive to school and warm spring love” which is carried out annually.


In the near future, the club will have many specific activities on business cooperation, sharing of management/professional experience, especially activities to promote solid association between member clubs and social responsibility.. Some outstanding activities of the club will be held on a term basis such as the program “Business dialogue”, professional development seminar, Networking – Golf Day sessions, business consulting support, etc.