The Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics assembled a total of professors and experts who have earned Doctorates in Economics – Finance – Management from top universities in Vietnam and throughout the world. With a team of highly qualified professionals who have advanced knowledge, practical experience, and an in-depth understanding of Vietnam’s economy and society, the Institute virtually guarantees that business solutions are of high quality and cost-effective and that they are appropriate for Vietnam’s properties in the current integration context.

When requested, the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics performs consulting business functions at training institutions, professional education institutions, and businesses.

Specifically, consulting activities in the research and consulting activities related to management; operating; conducting research; knowledge dissemination; training programs, service exploitation; technology transfer; consulting orientation, helping institutions, businesses, and participants in the development and implementation of scientific research, strategies, and projects; Seminars and conferences… which includes:

  • Educational Consultant;
  • Technology Transfer Consultant;
  • Management Consultant;
  • Recruitment Consultant; etc.

The SMENTOR Institute is always willing to trade and collaborate in offering training and consulting services to all businesses, government organizations, local governments, and businesses organizations in need.