THE SMENTOR INSTITUTE HAS SUBMITTED A REPORT TO THE CENTRAL VIETNAM RECORD ASSOCIATION ON THE SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH TOPIC “NEW CONSTRUCTION PARK AND GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP.” – The declaration presented at our Party’s 12th National Congress highlights the objective of creating and strengthening cultural industries, encouraging culture to penetrate all aspects of the society. SMENTOR Institute has extensively investigated and created the scientific research topic “New Construction Park and Global Entrepreneurship” in response to the abovementioned trend.

The SMENTOR Institute intends to preserve and protect, reconstruct, and connect valuable subterranean circuits of human communities so that people these days can interact, enjoy, study, or contemplate them.

Therefore as a result, the SMENTOR Institute developed a scientific research topic titled “New Construction Park and Global Entrepreneurship,” with the aim of bringing the value of maintaining civilizations through the use of the mapping of innovation and entrepreneurship. The construction of the park also encourages each individual in remembering their roots, therefore helping youngsters in not forgetting the history of the nation as well as the civilizations of humanity.

The importance of this scientific research project is tremendous since there is still no greater educational park in the world to enable future generations of mankind to augment their knowledge. Having the opportunity to reflect on our ancestors’ achievements, which he accomplished with sweat and tears.

SMENTOR recognizes that, in addition to the importance of higher education, the park will be a major economic source for any country to possess. Because it not only enhances economic income but also promotes the country’s reputation to allies around the world, functions as a depository for achievements, and encourages large businesses and organizations from around the world to invest.

The scientific project “New Construction Park and Global Entrepreneurship” includes:

  • Leading unit: Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), Leaders of the National Assembly, and Party Central Committee.
  • Copyright owners: World Records Union (WORLDKINGS), World Record Content Institute (WRCA), Vietnam Records Organization (VIETKINGS)
  • Operators: Vietnam Record Institute (VIETMASTER), Bach Nien Truong Tho Health Research and Application Institute (RICHS), Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics (SMENTOR Institute)

Project Development Center – Under the SMENTOR Institute