What is subject research?

Subject research is the act of surveying, investigating, appraising, evaluating, and criticizing subjects and topics in scientific councils, expert councils related to the subject being studied, etc., based on numbers, data, documents, experience, and achievements of the subject matter grantee.

Materials from the subject will be evaluated, and find new knowledge (this is the direction of academic research) or find new technical applications, new models of practical significance (this is the direction of the study), to meet the applied needs of students, schools, and society.

Subject proponents need to have certain knowledge or achievements with the subject, with its research field and high applicability, when applying the subject in order to train the recipients to work effectively.

Each year, the head of the department sends to the Institute a report on the results, achievements, and activities of the subject in order to evaluate and recognize the feasibility and application of the subject from the date of licensing. After 3 years, the subject will be appraised, evaluated, and criticized by the Institute for the authenticity, updating, and application of the Department to suit actual users.

Subject features:

A subject of scientific research should always be fresh and current, focusing on applied and diverse fields of science and life, and towards problems that have not been completely solved in the past. a certain field of scientific research, etc. A scientific research topic should be relevant to reality and effective; updated, new, in line with the upward trend and development of society.

Subject licensing process:

  • For the purpose of standardizing practical subjects, the results are put into service for the actual needs of society. Educational units or individuals who have needs or have useful subjects that they want to teach, register here: DondangkyTLBM
  • Please fill in the APPLICATION FORM and send it directly to the office at 67 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, or via email