• Participants will clearly grasp what self-branding is, why it is vital to place oneself, and how crucial self-branding is in the 4.0 era.
  • Participants will understand and appreciate their own talents, limitations, and potential professions through the competition.
  • Develop participants’ communication, presentation, and self-branding skills.
  • After the competition, participants can confidently reposition themselves where they are and what they will need to do to develop themselves in the future.

Value received when participating in the competition

  • Understand life’s turning points.
  • Understand and brand yourself at each stage.
  • Develop self-branding into daily work activities.


Personal competition for students nationwide.

Competition Form


Contestants will have the option of presenting themselves online or offline; the instructor will assess the contestants based on their presentation, how the contestants synthesize information about themselves, weaknesses, strengths, aspirations, ambitions, goals, and future plans.

  • Online Round: The contestant will make a video from 2 to 3 minutes to introduce himself/herself.
  • Offline Round: The contestant will give a presentation and answer questions from the instructors.


  • The number of contestants: 100 contestants.
  • Competition Form:

* Situations of questions and answers: Instructors and entrepreneurs will question the contestant, place them in hypothetical situations when they seek employment, meet partners, clients, etc.

* Self-Branding: Build a plan, spread the brand, and impact the community.


  • The number of contestants: 10 contestants.
  • Competition Form:

* 1st Round – My Plan: Contestants will have 5 minutes to present a 5-year plan about the study, brand development, etc. in case they are crowned brand ambassadors or not.

* 2nd Round – Social Works: Social activities that the contestants plan to undertake in the coming years, or activities that have been completed, and how the brand will have a great deal of impact on the contestants’ upcoming social contributions.

* 3rd Round – My Voice: What message would the contestants use as a young person to alter the world on the 17 topics now of concern to the United Nations? (poverty, gender equality, environment, etc.)

* 4th Round – Debater: The contestant will debate with other contestants on the topics assigned by the instructors in order to be selected as the next incumbent Branding Ambassador, “Brand Yourself”.


1 First Prize: 100,000,000 Vietnamese Dong.

  • Reward.
  • Certificate of Central Institute.
  • Coaching course 1-year mentoring branding.
  • Gifts from sponsors.

1 Second Prize: 50,000,000 Vietnamese Dong.

  • Reward.
  • Certificate of Central Institute.
  • Cup.
  • Gifts from sponsors.

1 Third Prize: 20,000,000 Vietnamese Dong.

  • Reward.
  • Certificate of Central Institute.
  • Gifts from sponsors.

7 Consolation Prizes: 5,000,000 Vietnamese Dong.

  • Reward.
  • Certificate of Central Institute.
  • Gifts from sponsors and organizers.