Succession HR Development Centre managed under the administrative direction of the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics (SMENTOR). The Centre is a venue to conduct research, develop, and implement initiatives aimed at enhancing human resources in order to support the Centre’s duties and tasks.


Scientific research, short-term instruction and mentoring, supporting human resource development operations in businesses, and educating successors for businesses are all examples of activities that fall within the purview of human resource development. Providing guidance on the execution of programs and activities aimed at improving the quality of human resources in Vietnam.


Organizing high-quality short-term practice sessions both domestically and overseas.
Organize foreign language training classes for candidates who are expected to be engaged in the professional development of legacy human resources.
Providing consultation, instruction, and recertification services to businesses and individuals in need; organizing and cooperating in the business organization of conferences and seminars on human resource education and training domestically and overseas.
Coordination with relevant agencies and departments to propose to relevant agencies about the following contents: forecasting, planning, plan formulation, instructional strategies, and cultivating inherited human resources.
Conducting international affairs, domestic and foreign cooperation in training quality and inherited human resources; seeking for and utilizing scholarships and financing sources of individuals, organizations, and businesses domestically and overseas to create high-quality human resources.
To advise and organize the implementation of excellent human resource development and succession in accordance with the Government’s authorized programs and projects.
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  • Creating Self-branding Course: helping students in identifying their immediate and potential selves and developing a business roadmap.
  • Creating Business Internship Course: helping to connect students with businesses to get real-world experiences and skills.
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