The English Olympics Of Vietnam competition (based on the standards from the British English Olympics global competition in the UK) is organized with the goal of contributing to the creation of a playground for young people to learn, practice and improve their English skills with the desire to raise Vietnamese youth to become global citizens in the 4.0 era. You will become more confident, creative, and vibrant as a result of the competition, adding wings to help young people have enough conditions to reach out to the big sea, integrate with the international workforce, take the best of Vietnam to the world, and bring back the best of the world to develop Vietnam.

The English Olympics of Vietnam (EOV) is a passionate, highly academic English competition for students aged at least 16 to 22 from throughout the country. The competition tends to encourage teamwork and cooperation, as well as the development of important skills such as teamwork, negotiation, presentation, and debate, in order to find the best face to become the project’s ambassador “Bringing English to Children in Remote Areas in Vietnam” and to find English Champions in Vietnam.

Finally, after all of the effort, the EOV competition was organized successfully in 2019 with more than 15 high schools and universities participating with over 6,000 participants. Phan Hoan My of Thu Khoa Nghia High School for the Gifted, An Giang was crowned Champion of the first year of the English Olympics of Vietnam, with a total reward valuation of up to 70 million Vietnamese dong. Nominee Pham Minh Khoa from Saigon University placed second, while nominee Nguyen Hoa Minh An From Thoai Ngoc Hau High School for the Gifted, An Giang placed third overall.


EOV’s Ambassadors

After the competition, the nominees will have the chance to visit and experience Singapore, as well as better understand the world’s greatest campuses and communicate with international students.

Besides the competition, nominees also participate in meaningful social activities:

  • Support for online English classes for children of employees in industrial estates, manufacturing, and low-income households.
  • Support older adults in their 50s, 60s, and 70s to learn a foreign language. As youngsters, older relatives did not have the chance to study foreign languages; this is an opportunity to learn foreign languages in order to keep pace with events around the world, de-stress, travel with children and family members, etc.
  • In coordination with the city, English is being implemented for foreign community friends studying in Ho Chi Minh City, as well as students from Laos and Cambodia in Laos and Cambodian dormitories.
  • Olympics ambassadors from the EOV competition teach English to kids in shelters, orphanages, monasteries, and other organizations.

Vice-chairman of the EOV Competition Steering Committee

“EOV is a competition with numerous implications, especially as the country’s integration deepens and broadens in the era of Industry 4.0. The younger generation aspires to be global citizens. I warmly invite high schools and universities to accompany and participate in order to better understand the Competition’s significant core principles as well as its good impact on students in particular and the next generation of Vietnamese youth.” Shared by Ngo Quang Xuan, Ambassador of Vietnam to the United Nations and Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Recorders Association.

Commenting on the measured value that the competition brought in the 2019 season and promises to deliver in 2020, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Dong Phong, Principle of the University Economy of Ho Chi Minh City expressed: “I am tremendously proud and privileged to be a part of EOV 2020’s efforts to create a helpful and practical academic playground for children around the country. In today’s world, this is an open opportunity and a strong connection between students and professional English knowledge.”


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