Throughout the process of construction and development, the Institute’s supervisors have always gained the trust of domestic as well as international counterparts and consumers by successfully learning, creating, and researching.

The Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics is always proud to be the most dependable Central Institute’s component in its relationships with counterparts who are agencies, organizations, businesses, and individuals from both at domestic and international who necessitate consultation and services from the Institute. The Institute is constantly mindful that counterpart satisfaction is the most important factor in the determination of the Institute’s reputation and performance. In such a mindset, the Institute continually promises to achieve the best solutions for counterparts.

SMENTOR’s slogan “Cooperation – Mutual Success” is the key to success not only for the Institute by its modest nevertheless significant achievements but also for the Institute’s close counterparts who are now cooperating with the Vietnam Institute of Applied Research and Practice.

The belief of the Vietnam Institute of Research and Application of Polytechnics counterparts is a phenomenal source of motivation for us. We hope that objectives will be achieved to propagate the slogan “Cooperation – Mutual Success” will be maintained and promoted forever.