SMENTOR INSTITUTE HAS DISCUSSED COOPERATIVE PLANNING IMPLEMENTATION, SOLVING PROBLEMS OF LOGISTIC INDUSTRY. – On July 8, 2019, Smentor Institute had a meeting with Ms. Vo Thi Phuong Lan (Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of Amerasian Shipping Logistic Corp – ASL) to discuss a plan of cooperation in implementing and solving solutions to human resource issues in the logistics industry.

The problem raised in the discussion is that the Logistics industry in general and ASL companies in particular, are having difficulties in recruiting and building personnel. Logistic students have not found suitable jobs.

Since then, the Vietnam Institute for Research and Application of Practical Polytechnics (Smentor Institute) has cooperated with My A Freight Forwarding Joint Stock Company (ASL) to research and solve human resource problems for the Logistic industry.

According to the Smentor Institute, the causes of the shortage of personnel in the logistics industry are:

  • On the Students side:

– Not yet equipped with good soft skills.

– Students do not have many opportunities to practice working during their studies.

– Not being fully equipped with vocational knowledge & understanding is to turn to another industry during the course of study.

  • On the School side:

– Not many opportunities have been created for students to practice long-term at enterprises in the same industry.

– There have not been any working seminars, counseling, and career guidance closely for students about the major they are studying.

– Not yet trained and prepared for students with sufficient soft skills and practical knowledge.

  • On the Enterprise side:

– Want to recruit experienced personnel and not students. – There is no sense of building personnel succession.

– New graduates are often not paid high benefits.

– Human resources have not been trained to train their successors.

“The specificity of the Logistic industry is that it is an industry operating without borders, connecting Vietnam and the world (reversely), in order to build a set of practical teaching and practice projects, it is not only standard according to Vietnam but also standard. according to the World (FIATA)” – this is the comment of Ms. Phuong Lan.

Ms. Phuong Lan also added that when the students chose Logistic, they had to go with the practice and do a lot. The first lesson when you want to work in Logistic is CAREER ORIENTATION that will help you plan for yourself 3 jobs you want to do related to the Logistic industry.

After the discussion, the Smentor Institute and the ASL business side also realized the problem that the Logistic industry was facing and together came up with an award that should create many career orientation sharing sessions for students. guide you in the right direction, in the right industry, and create a professional working environment.

In addition, it is necessary to organize training sessions for lecturers and employees so that they have a solid foundation to mentor the successors in the right direction that the business wants. At the same time, also follow the Mentoring tower model of the SMENTOR Institute.

Centre for building successor personnel – Under the SMENTOR Institute