• Build an English practice environment, so that students can use English and practice English skills naturally and excitedly.
  • Create a place to exchange, learn and share English learning experiences for people who love English and want to practice skills in using English as a communication tool.
  • Build an address to consult English learning and training methods for students and a place where students and students exchange English-related content.
  • Creating a healthy, vibrant, and useful playground, attracting a large number of students and students to participate, contributing to enriching the collective life of students.
  • Promote the movement of learning English for club members and students.

Functions of the Club

  • The English Club operates in the field of English training, learning, practice, and is a place to exchange ideas and speak English.
  • Organizing activities for learning, training, healthy play, cultural and artistic exchanges related to English.
  • Ensure the purpose of the Club throughout the process of operation and development.

Activities of the English Club

  • The club plans to organize and maintain weekly activities. Weekly activities are organized according to themes and events, helping students have topics to exchange, share and practice.
  • The club organizes group games that attract a large number of students, English festivals, masquerade parties, eloquence and English negotiation competitions.
  • Besides, the club can organize off-campus activities such as picnics, camping and establish an English practice space.

Conditions for becoming a member of English club

  • As students, Students who are studying in the city have the desire to practice and improve their English skills.
  • Comply with club rules and regulations.
  • Follow the application from the organizer.

To participate in Club activities.

  • Get advice and help before difficulties in the process of learning English.
  • To participate in cooperation programs between the Club and domestic and foreign clubs and organizations to improve English proficiency.
  • Having a favourable environment for communication, learning and exchange.

Obligations of Club Members

  • Strictly abide by all club regulations.
  • Actively participate in Club activities.
  • Participate in Club activities on time.

Club cooperation

  • Units, organizations and individuals wishing to cooperate and coordinate with the club to help spread the spirit of learning English among young people. The club has the right to cooperate with units, organizations and individuals in maintaining operation and development.
  • The Club, represented by the President of the Club, signs documents and regulations on cooperation and coordination between the Club and those units, organizations and individuals.
  • The club’s cooperative activities are not limited to one unit, organization or individual, but diversified and multilateralism.