The Southern Startup Support Advisory Council collaborated with the Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics to hold an exchange on the theme “BUSINESS INTERNSHIP” on November 19, 2017. The session was attended by representatives from the firms Saigon Food, SMentor, SFurniture, Di said, Toan Phu Quy Company, Green vina; Southern Entrepreneurship Council, College of Economics, and around 500 students from the school.

Theoretical and practical applications are combined.

The Business Internship is a program coordinated by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (VCCI) Southern Startup Support Advisory Council in partnership with the Business Forum Newspaper, enterprises, universities, colleges organized in order to enhance students’ hands-on learning at businesses

This is a type of learning that blends theory and practice; it assists students in applying the theoretical foundation taught in the lecture hall to work. Simultaneously, practice will make the theory clearer and more colorful, and lifeless words and numbers will no longer be dry and difficult to “digest.”This curriculum significantly reduces the gap between theory and practice. The length of a student’s apprenticeship is determined by the work needs of each firm.


There are businesses that arrange for students to study for two months/course, such as Saigon Food, and some businesses that only require students to work part-time, such as CTy SMentor, Di Cho Biet Company said the time from 6 months to 2-3 years depending on the needs of the student. All freshmen, sophomores, third-years, and fourth-year students can participate in the Business Semester program of the Southern Startup Support Advisory Council.

Combining “hard” knowledge with “soft” skills.

The Southern Support Advisory Council also collaborated with SMentor Company to organize soft skills training for students enrolled in the Enterprise Semester Program, such as skills for adapting to a business environment, skills for developing self-image, communication skills, teamwork skills, etc.

“Students are prepared with “hard” knowledge at university, and we are supplied with “soft” knowledge through training sessions and practical work,” stated Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh, Director of SMentor Company. This is the ideal program for students to efficiently blend hard knowledge and soft skills. These training courses not only assist students in practicing skills but also in developing good views and attitudes at work and in society…

Students get a certificate from the Southern Startup Support Advisory Council at the completion of the “Business Internship” course at the enterprise. With this qualification, students will provide employers with trust in their professional qualities and capacity to adapt to a business environment. Students can work in businesses without having to go through a two- or three-month evaluation period.

Students who participate in the “Business Internship” program have the option to discover better professions that are more suited to their strengths and interests. As a result, students will have the possibility to obtain positions with the highest salary.

The Southern Startup Support Advisory Council is now working with universities and businesses to develop a number of Business Internship courses for students. This initiative has benefited hundreds of students. Many graduates have been invited by companies to hold key positions within the company, such as Pham Hoang Minh Khanh and Le Thanh Thai, students of the University of Finance – Marketing in Ho Chi Minh City who graduated in May 2017 and were invited to work at S Mentor Company as Head of Marketing and Media Department…

Signing cooperation agreement “Apprentice students” at the business.

On January 19, 2017, at the Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics, the Southern Startup Support Advisory Council, the Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics, and representatives from Smentor Co., Ltd, Di Cho Biet Joint Stock Company, and Saigon Food Joint Stock Company had an exchange meeting.

The signing ceremony went incredibly well, and companies have agreed to help Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics students practice, engage in the Business Internship program, and find the greatest job opportunities.

Following the signing ceremony, students had the opportunity to meet with executives from SMentor, Saigon Food, and Di Cho Biet Company. The students asked several questions of company leaders and got advice and orientations from them.

Do you want to be a “coal” or a “diamond”?

Mr. Huynh Thanh Van, Chairman of the Board of Directors of S Furniture Company, observed, “Please just get out of the lecture hall and take appropriate action.” Only great effort, hard work, industriousness… can bring your ambitions to reality. Success will not occur if we merely ponder without action; creative ideas will be meaningless if they only reside in your brain.”

Dr. Tran Thi Ut, a lecturer at Hoa Sen University and member of the Southern Startup Support Advisory Council, motivates students with the question, “Do you want to be a diamond or a coal?” If you want to be a diamond, you must work without fear of failure. The simple, smooth pathway will not prepare you to become a Diamond… Every year, all successful entrepreneurs who earn millions of dollars every month must go through the process of learning and working tirelessly along with devotion and sincerity.”

Immediately following the exchange program, the Organizing Committee received hundreds of applications from students at Ho Chi Minh City College of Economics to participate in the business internship.

The Southern Startup Council will continue to collaborate with all universities, colleges, and businesses to support the implementation of the Business Internship program, which provides several advantages to students, universities, businesses, and society.