The Centre for Research, Development and Application of Academic English in Viet Nam, is under the direct management of the Vietnam Institute for Research and Application of Practical Polytechnics (Smentor). The Centre is a research, development and application centre for the purpose of developing English language applications in Vietnam and the world.


The Centre has a functional administrator and implements language topics, seminars, activities, contests, trainers, develops pedagogical skills and hands-on teaching certificates.


Organize the program of seminars, sharing research on the application and practice of languages ​​in Vietnam and internationally.
Mobilize internal and external resources to implement the centre’s activities.
Provide facilities and human resources for units to conduct sharing sessions, research and strengthen team clubs, language application models at schools across the country.
Establishing a council of scientists and experts to research, evaluate, build and develop an applied practical language program, is one of the main functions entrusted by the Vietnam Institute for Research and Application of Practical Polytechnics (Smentor).
Regular training programs for teachers of the Institute’s Practical Teaching subject
Deploying contests and movements related to applied languages, creating a playground for young people to exchange, learn and integrate.
Perform other duties from the Institute.


1 Olympics

Created the English Olympics of Vietnam contest from 2019 with the participation of 15 high schools, colleges and universities with 6,000 offline contestants competing.

The contest identified expert English speakers in Vietnam, with the winner becoming the two-year incumbent ambassador working on the task of “Spreading The Message” of English to children in remote areas who lack conditions and the opportunity to communicate in English.

In 2021, the competition spread nationwide with the participation of hundreds of schools with an expected number of 30,000 students in the Qualifiers.

2 Seminors, Workshops and the project “Specialist EOV Tour”

The Centre conducts a round trip at high schools, colleges, and universities with experts under the program “EOV” to bring knowledge, skills and foreign language experience to young people, and spread foreign languages to schools.

It is an opportunity for masters to mentor the young generation on effective and optimal learning skills.

3 Online Learning

Create playgrounds, Online 4.0 community platforms, contests, games and learning on social networking platforms, to help young people have the opportunity to access English learning through fast and convenient technology, learn anytime, anywhere.