ANCIENT TREASURE TOWER GLOBAL RECORD OFFICIALLY SIGNED. – In the morning of 11 a.m. on September 8, 2019, at Khang Thong Group Joint Stock Company (Happyland), the signing ceremony of the aimed project ‘Ancient treasure tower global record’ by the Union of Records. Joint investors: World Kings (Worldkings), Vietnam Record Organization (Vietkings), Khang Thong Entertainment Complex (Happyland).

The signing ceremony was honored to welcome the presence of international representatives: 

  • Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury – Vice President of WorldKings World Records Union; 

  • Ms. Puttachat Suriyawong – General Director of Thailand Records Organization. 
  • Ms. Maria Georgina Limboc – International Marketing Director of Thailand Record Organization. 
  • Mrs. Sarah Jane Chachange – Interpreter. 

  • Mr. Osmar Semesta Susilo – General Director of Indonesia Records Organization; 

  • Mr. Ong Eng Huat – General Director of Singapore Records organization.

Ancient Tower of Global Record project – WORLDKINGS HAPPYLAND, expected to be officially put into operation phase 1 on December 24, 2019 – is a historic project of the Vietnamese record-holder’s community in order to preserve, store and honor the priceless values of Vietnamese history. thousands of generations of history and culture not only of Vietnam in particular but also of the whole world.

In phase 1, the project will plan 5 hectares with 12 ancient towers built from Co Chieng bricks, preserving the distinctive Oc Eo cultural architecture for thousands of years.

The project is located in the Khang Thong entertainment complex (Happyland) of Long An province with an area of ​​338 hectares, oriented to be the largest tourist and entertainment complex in Southeast Asia with an estimated number of more than 14 million visitors per year. Convenient traffic is 30 minutes drive from Ho Chi Minh City and located on the key route connecting the southwestern provinces.

Ancient Tower of Global Record Project will bring great and meaningful values:

  • Create a destination that converges all the traditional cultural values of Vietnam. Making it the first thing any domestic and foreign visitor will visit to learn about Vietnam’s culture and national identity. 
  • Become a museum displaying precious treasures throughout the dynasties of Vietnam.
  • Creating cultural values through festivals honoring traditional craft villages. Enhance the image of Vietnamese craft villages through shows and exhibitions of craft villages here.
  • Protecting the typical architectural culture of Vietnam, contributing to preserving the unique architectural features of the people of the Southwest region.
  • Create media power not only in the country but also to promote it to the whole world.
  • The place to post and organize the establishment and performance programs of the World Records Union as well as member record organizations in Asia.
  • Contributing to helping Vietnamese people know the national cultural values and at the same time improving the spirit of knowledge, the desire to contribute to the country through the record-holder examples conveyed here.
  • Bringing plays, performances to reenact historical stories, helping people know history is boring. Help Vietnamese people and international friends know correctly and enough about Vietnam’s 4000-year history.

And many other benefits when this project is 100% complete. On the side of the representative of the Thai Record Organization, there were a couple of statements: “I am very happy and excited to hear about the project today. I think this project will grow in the future. “.

As for the representative of the World Records Union, “Today is a dream come true, in addition to the name Happy Land, we should name it DreamLand. I hope the countries near Vietnam can come to this place to visit, I also have some events in December in India. I will introduce this project to the community of record-holders in India. I will definitely help promote this project in India and some other countries.”

Convinced that the Ancient Tower of Global Record project will help enhance the position of the Fatherland of Vietnam on the world map, the storage and preservation of historical values are indispensable that all generations need. must join hands and unanimously implement, join hands to bring the Vietnamese brand to the big sea, shoulder to shoulder with the powers of the five continents.

Project Development Center – Under the SMENTOR Institute