Smentor Institute

Smentor Institute was established with the purpose of search, research, collection of realistic and pratical Vietnamese professions.

Activities of science and technology field as below:

  • Research science and pratice themes, projects of career education which is suitable with Vietnam situation. Apply and develop pratical skills into work enviroment.
  • Science and technology service: consult, transfer technology, organize conference, science seminar and train to advance professional capacity in research fields above.
  • Cooperate with national and international organizations, individuals to complete institute duties.

Smentor Institute was Operation was grant License No.A-2059 of Ministry of Science and Technology basing on Decree 54/QD-VRA on March 22nd 2019

Introduction about Smentor Institute

Smentor Institute becomes to lead in different profession researching and honouring, creates training, coaching and consulting environment for students and the youth to have professional knowledge.

With the mission of mentoring for success, every student, mentee, staff, startup business will be guided by top predecessors and mentor to achieve success.

Với sứ mệnh kèm cặp để thành công. Mỗi sinh viên, học viên, nhân viên, doanh nghiệp khởi nghiệp sẽ được kèm cặp bởi những người đi trước, những Mentor hàng đầu để thành công.