The event to celebrate Vietnam Family Day (June 28) at Happyland Resort is an occasion for family members to reunite and meet together, offering significant messages regarding family love and happiness, disseminating those pleasant emotions towards each individual in both the social and the global community.

The socially significant event, which set a World Record as “the tempered glass card that maintains the most wishes for family happiness from the world’s couples,” will necessitate 1,000 couples (marriages, couples, ladies and gentlemen) to fill out a form first and receive a participation code throughout the program with special activities:

1.Each participating couple will write a wish for love and family happiness, which will be combined to form the world’s biggest 1,000 messages of love and family happiness on a tempered card.

2.Participate in the ribbon-throwing event on the Wishing Tree:

3.Specifically, 1,000 couples will plant trees together:

1,000 trees bear their couple’s name to demonstrate the eternal love and happiness that is nourished, cared for, and maintained over time.

4.Participate in the riverside ritual of releasing fish:

Each fish tossed into the river represents not just a welcoming gesture of liberation, but also the wishes of people who have reached out to the ocean. With each fish tossed, participants will get a card with wishes which nurtured precious seeds in their souls from Richser Academy in which was created by record holder Tran Quoc Phuc.

5. Explore the essential features of Happyland Vietnam Cultural Space, which contains typical three-regional architectures.

6.Explore and enjoy exceptional performances by world-class record-holders such as:

Asian record holder Quai Kiet Mai Dinh Toi performs a unique musical instrument, World record holder Nguyen Phuong – Led display interactive magician, Kungfu lion dance of the Quang Hien team, 150 disciples Buddha performing together with Yoga – Zen, Vietnam Ethnic Orchestra, and other attractive performances for other record holders.